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Are all Immobilisers equal?

A good quality immobiliser is often the starting point for a complete vehicle security solution. Note the key differences in immobiliser product out in the market and provide your vehicle with the protection it deserves.

Transponder, Touch Key or Remote

The technologically advanced Transponder Immobiliser is one where a microchip is located inside the plastic handle of the car key. Once in proximity of the ignition barrel (usually about 5 – 10 cm) the driver may start the vehicle. The transponder chip has a unique code frequency that is recognised by the car's immobiliser system. If the chip is not seen then the car will not run. Transponder Immobiliser systems are the easiest to use - with no buttons to press and no batteries to go flat they require no thought or action from the driver.

Touch key Immobilisers require the touch key to make contact with the receiver pad before allowing the vehicle to start.

The third type is the Remote Immobiliser which disarms the system when the remote is pressed.

Pin code protection - don't let your remote get copied!

A pin code protected alarm and Immobiliser ensures no-one can copy your alarm remote codes when you're not looking. Unfortunately this can be all to easy for thieves to perform with less advanced systems. Autowatch only produces pin code protected Immobilisers, which are a requirement for security systems looking to meet the internationally recognised Thatcham security standard.

Attack proof security housing 

Autowatch alarm Immobilisers are concealed within attack proof security housing that safely protects the immobiliser connections from intruders.