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Paralyser P375(B) Car Alarm

This Australian/NZ Standards approved immobiliser alarm provides two circuits of engine immobilisation operated by rolling code random encrypted remote control. Entry point protection of doors, boot and bonnet with an intelligent glass break sensor. Audible warning is achieved via a standard 115dB siren, visually via the vehicle indicators and via a dash mounted high intensity red LED. The system may provide keyless entry.
P375 Kit(REM-111)
Paralyser Car Alarms


  • Vehicle can be armed whilst ignition is still running
  • The system will arm immediately if the main button of a valid remote control is momentarily pressed, the doors will lock and all security functions will become active
  • Disarming procedure
  • The system will disarm when the main button of a valid remote control is pressed
  • Auto Arming
  • The car's engine is automatically immobilised 40 seconds after the engine has stopped. The auto-arming feature is disabled while the system is disarmed and the ignition switch is in the ON position
  • Available for light trucks
  • The P375 system is also available for light trucks which use a +24 Volts battery supply
  • (B) Optional mini battery back up siren available
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