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Battery Back Up Sirens

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Battery back up sirens are an extremely important part of a premium alarm installation. Importantly, these sirens will continue to sound if a thief removes the vehicle's battery leads. Internally the siren switches to it's own battery for it's source of power and continues to provide protection for your vehicle. Battery back up sirens come in two main types with significant differences.


Digital Battery Back Up Siren

Digital Battery Back Up Sirens are connected to the vehicle's alarm module via a data wire. This means they know when the alarm is armed or disarmed, providing some key benefits. Firstly, there is no need for an over-ride key, which means the siren can be hidden well out of the way of thieves. Secondly, if the battery is disconnected when the alarm module is disarmed, the siren will recognise this and won't go off (your mechanic will thank you!)

Basic Battery Back-Up Siren

A Basic Battery Back-up Siren triggers when they detect a negative or positive pulse input. Whilst they provide a certain level of protection, they have no way of knowing if the vehicle's alarm is armed of disarmed (unlike Digital Battery Back Up Sirens). If the power in your vehicle is disconnected the basic battery back-up siren will sound (even if the alarm is disarmed) and will need to be disabled with an over-ride key.

As a specialist in Advanced Vehicle Security, Autowatch NZ recommend the use of Digital Battery Back Up Sirens wherever possible.