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NZ Courier deliveries get even faster

new-zealand-couriersAt Autowatch we’re used to handling vehicle security jobs with specific or custom requirements. So when we received a call from NZ Couriers about protecting their delivery vans, we knew we could install a security solution that was just perfect for them.
With a driver making dozens of parcel deliveries every day, it’s often inconvenient (and costly) to keep turning the ignition on and off to secure his/her vehicle whilst dropping a package off. With the potential of goods theft along with the threat of voided insurance should the van be stolen, leaving the keys in the ignition is certainly not a good option!
Luckily, Autowatch NZ ranges a clever product which can be activated when the vehicle’s ignition is still turned on. Called the Paralyser P375C – the alarm completely removes the need to turn the ignition off to keep the vehicle and its contents safe whilst a driver is dropping a package off. Drivers arm and disarm the alarm using a simple remote transmitter they carry on them.
Using this advanced vehicle security technology, couriers can operate faster than before and with total peace of mind that they’re van will be waiting for them, ready for the next delivery.