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Break-ins a hot topic at Edmond Air

Edmond AirAutowatch's recent installation job across the Edmond Air fleet of vehicles came off the back of every business owner's worst nightmare - multiple vehicle break-ins. Anthony Edmond from Edmond Air explains - 

"Our decision to install Vehicle Security across the Edmond Air fleet was prompted after two of our vehicles got broken into. The inconvenience of replacing stolen tools as well as having to source the right paperwork for the insurance claim were hassles we never want to go through again. Quite simply, we can’t afford the downtime when we should be busy installing Heat Pumps for our customers".

When it comes to Vehicle Security, Autowatch NZ believes prevention is the best medicine. A small investment in a comprehensive vehicle alarm can end up saving a business significant losses were they to become victims of theft. The benefits are even greater for businesses with fleets of vehicles carrying expensive tools and equipment, which are well-known targets for thieves. 

Edmond continues - "We chose Autowatch NZ to come in and fit our fleet with top quality alarms and immobilisers. What’s great about Autowatch is they can install sensors in the back of our ute canopies to protect our tools as well as the vehicle itself. They’re great guys to deal with and always do things professionally – and since the alarms were installed we haven’t had another break-in!"